CHALLENGE: There was a lot of competition in the job/employment sites from Craigslist to We had to develop a site that needed to differentiate itself from others and fill the void of unavailable multi-lingual international job market. We set-out to develop a job site that provided more affordable job listing site that catered to applicants in a global bases. We researched the current employment market condition and current competitors in this space. It looked carefully at 14 top Job sites and noticed that only 3 sites had other language outside of English. Most lacked social functions. None of them had leveraged social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin very well.

RESULTS: We developed a site that provided 42 language translations at the lowest posting fees. Since the beta launch on May 12th, the site increased 13,000,000 Alexa traffic rankings to 904,666th with average of 40.6 min of visits per day on the site by July 12th. Most of the traffic was generated via SEO and SEM up until July 5th. On July 6th, we employed guerilla marketing campaign techniques on Twitter by creating a new twitter account @my_jobs_online and marketed to targeted staffing related people on Twitter. In 24 hours we followed 739 people with 249 updates of relevant content feeds. We leveraged automation tools to accomplish this. In 24 hours, this twitter account generated 218 followers. By the 2nd day, we acquired total of 420 followers while following 934 people and submitted 406 relevant content updates. The background was redesigned to develop better brand identity.

From July 6th to July 12th, in only 6 days, this account acquired total of 1026 followers. Twitter traffic generated 26% of overall referred traffic outside of search engines for the web site During this time, Twitter was responsible for generating 15% of all referred traffic outside of search engine traffic to the

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