Nature Made Vitamins

CLIENT: Pharmavite / Nature Made Vitamins

INDUSTRY: Nutriceuticals

CHALLENGE: Development of Web enabled marketing arm that collects customer behavior, connects network of distributors, develop brand loyalty and increase productivity.

RESULTS: 9 month long $ 4 million multi-state project with team in CT, NY and CA.  The client recovered the entire investment within a year by reducing expenses up to $ 4.2 million.

In addition, the initiative generated increase of distribution channels by sharing customer behavior data with partners and developed Co-op marketing via the Web. End-consumers gained customized personalized nutrition monitoring. The client for the first time gained valuable detail customer behavior and sales data. This initiative decreased the support costs by migrating from disparate methods to centralized Web-based support and CRM solution.


This project was lead in co-operation of Y New Media, Inc and Open-i, Inc.

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