CRM Integration

CRM installation and integration will assist your business in automating the sales cycle. The prospective customers will ends up in IES generated Website and fill out a request for more information form. Immediately, this information is inputted directly into the IES’s CRM component as a new lead. If the prospect signs up for a newsletter with a name and an e-mail address, then, this information is inputted as an opt-in E-mail list into the IES’s CRM component. If the prospect signs up to get a subscription or to become members of the site, then, they will get access to the restricted part of the site.

Each of the leads is managed first with an auto-responder e-mail. Then, the marketing personnel will be able to select one of the pre-determined personalized e-mail templates to send to the lead. Emails can be managed directly within the system. Each lead can be managed through the entire sales cycle. For each lead, sales personnel can create a new task, schedule a meeting, schedule a call, compose an e-mail, create note or attachment, archive email, and add to a campaign. E-mail campaign can be created and managed within the IES system or can be exported to dedicated Email Service Provider (ESP).

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