Marketing Phase

Third Phase is the Marketing Phase. Clients try to take short-cuts and end-up spending more time and money money in the long run and making number of mistakes on the way. Then, they end-up coming to us after tens of thousands of dollars invested with no traffic or sales with their online business. Just because you build it people do not come! Businesses need a clear strategy and plan for marketing the business online. We have successfully generated targeted traffic, leads and sales for our clients in the shortest time and cost possible.

SEO Implementation

By leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we have placed our clients' site from 1st to 5th positions on major search engines. Within few months, we have increased search engine traffic for our clients as much as 500%.

URL Submissions

We will submit the Website to hundreds of search engines from all over the world. Many of the larger search engines will require manual submissions.

SMM Implementation

Social Media Marketing (SMM) will leverage Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to generate viral marketing for your E-Business.

SEM & E-Mail Lead Generation

Internet E-Business SEM & E-mail Lead Generation leverages automation technology combined with years of proven results to serve the most relevant ad content to the most targeted customers at the lowest cost-per-action investment to generate targets leads and sales for businesses in all sizes.

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