SEM & E-Mail Lead Generation

E-Business offers Internet E-Business SEM, a proprietary lead generation system, that leverages Internet search engines to generate leads for any business. Over 80% of internet transactions are started with a keyword search on major search engines such as, and At the time of writing, Google received 72% of U.S. searches in January of 2009 reported by Hitwise.

Internet E-Business SEM & E-mail Lead Generation leverages automation technology combined with years of proven results to serve the most relevant ad content to the most targeted customers at the lowest cost-per-action investment to generate targets leads and sales for businesses in all sizes.

Unlike traditional CPM model of paying for thousand impressions on an advertising medium, CPA model of paying for action (lead or sale) is the most powerful business acquisition model. The benefits are clear:

  • CPM cannot measure, but CPA can measure how a specific sale or lead was generated.
  • Internet E-Business SEM & E-mail Lead Generation solution drills down to a specific keyword, to an ad network and to an ad version that the sale or lead was generated from. This can be critical in deciphering money makers versus money losers.

Compared to most PPC advertisers and consultants in the marketplace, Internet E-Business SEM & E-mail Lead Generation has competitive advantage over them in the following areas:

  • IEB's SEM & E-mail Lead Generation creates unlimited number of landing pages, unlike traditional PPC marketers that create only 2 landing pages for split tests.
  • IEB's SEM & E-mail Lead Generation landing pages are specifically optimized for a specific keyword, making each landing page the most relevant page to a specific keyword. Most other landing pages are optimized for wide range of keywords, making them irrelevant to the search engines.
  • IEB's SEM & E-mail Lead Generation ads repeat a specific keyword in the ads that ties to the specific landing page that is also optimized for a specific keyword making it consistent with the search result. Most other ads are generic in keyword terms and the landing pages are not optimized for the keyword in the ads.
  • IEB's SEM & E-mail Lead Generation methodology includes E-mail subscription form on each landing page to squeeze information out from leads to market to them directly as long as the user is opted-in. Traditional PPC advertiser will point the user directly to the Website home page, making the lead to search for information by clicking through pages and leaving. Losing the opportunity to close the business.

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