Planning & Strategy

Before you start a business, what is the first must-have step in making sure that your business will have higher chances of success?

Is it funding?

Is it an office?

Is it getting incorporated?

Yes, all of these are important, but none is more important than creating a business plan. So many individuals and companies have entered into online initiatives since the advent of the Internet without any plans on how to generate revenue, how to market the Website or how to maintain it once it is built. Since 1993, we have seen many online businesses come and disappeared. Our founder has developed some of the most successful Websites and some of the largest sites as well. After seeing hundreds of successes and failure, we come back time and time again to the fundamentals that the business plan was the key to increasing the chances for success. If, in all of business history, creating a business plan was the initial must-have steps for success, why should this not apply to E-businesses?

Nevertheless, most people have difficult time developing a business plan for brick-and-mortar business, let alone developing a business plan for an online business. Hence, here at Internet E-Business, LLC, to ensure our clients/partners successful venture online, have developed and refined the Needs Analysis Form online. We have seen the successful formulas online. We have seen not so successful launches online as well. For years, we have used a 20+ pages of MS Word document and updated over and over. We have just released the latest most advanced Needs Analysis Form that will print out in only 3 pages. You will be able to submit documents and make simple selections directly online. We have put the thoughts and decades of experiences into evaluating where you are now and where you need to go from our experiences, so you don't have to. We have made your E-business planning as painless as possible.

If you have an idea to build a successful business online and have the passion to drive it? Just get plugged-in to our system. First of those steps is to sign into this site by registering as a client and purchase a SEO/SEM Marketing Analysis document. Then, access our latest online Needs Analysis form and let us guide you to develop the strategy in helping you succeed in your venture. Our goal is to get you 1,000% ROI or more by investing in and partnering with us.

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