Case Studies

  • E-Business Case Study

    RESULTS: 9 month long $ 4 million multi-state project with team in CT, NY and CA. The client recovered the entire investment within a year by reducing expenses up to $ 4.2 million.

  • E-Commerce Case Study

    As a premier “Invitation Only” Pro Merchant contractual partner of, it sold up $ 100,000.00 per month with 45% gross profit. By leveraging SEO, it maintained 1st to 5th position on Yahoo and Google for “Brand Name Below Retail” keyword phrases. Picture below is 2nd and 3rd ranking out of 6,700,000 search results.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Case Study

    RESULTS:  Within a month, this site was positioned 1st on Google for “reproductive treatment new york” out of 92,100,000 results. After 5 months, search engine traffic increased by 500%. Additional mini-sites were developed with the local customers in mind. These mini-sites ( and rose to the top of Yahoo as well. In fact, secured 1st position for 12 set of keyword phrases.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Case Study

    RESULTS:  Engaged in Google Adwords campaign. Set-up 2 Ad Groups sending the leads to 2 different landing pages. Each Ad groups had 3 targeted ads. Within a month of measuring and improving the ad performance, we were able to gain as much as 62.5% conversion rate on some ads with a total average of 21.68% for all ads that ran in a month. In a month, the client received 119 conversions (applicants) at .50 per conversion.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study

    From July 6th to July 12th, in only 6 days, this account acquired total of 1026 followers. Twitter traffic generated 26% of overall referred traffic outside of search engines. During this time, Twitter was responsible for generating 15% of all referred traffic outside of search engine traffic to the blog.

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